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Boulder: It's all about the people!

People with vastly different backgrounds, high levels of education, high levels of drive and energy, and high levels of social and enviromental consciousness, all come together to make Boulder a great place to live!

We understand Boulder's rules and regulations, and can help you navigate them. We are also well connected to those who can help you!

Let our team help you through the process of "getting it done" in Boulder!


Living in Boulder gives you a different perspective on life!

A place where a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating come naturally!

Let us help you "connect" with things you want to do!

We do much more than find you a home....We will help you find your "place" in Boulder.

Boulder is home to CU, Naropa, NIST, NOAA, National Bureau of Standards, and many more.


 What does living in Boulder feel like?

Boulder, Colorado is a very special place!  I have heard people comment: "Everyone seems happy to live here",  and  "Even the dogs are happy here!  Why?"


Many articles and papers have been written about happiness in Boulder.  Here is my theory:


“Happiness” is not the goal. 

Happiness is a symptom. 

Happiness is a side effect of fulfilling our personal core values.  


And if your personal core values are personal health, healthy living, having a connection to nature, breathing clean air, drinking good water, eating quality food, getting along with neighbors, intellectual stimulation, respecting each other, and living a balanced life ... well then, your chances of reaching fulfillment in these areas are very high, when you live in Boulder.  


I believe Boulder is a happy place because so many of the people who live here are happy.  And that happiness stems from fulfillment of many, or all, of their core values.  


And as your Realtor, my goal is to help you find that perfect place that will help you fulfill those personal values and personal goals.

Living in Boulder

Boulder is all about it's people!  

Boulder has been described by many publications as:

The "happiest" city in the country;

The most "educated" city in the country;

The "foodiest" city in the country;

The "greenest" city in the country;

A "mecca" for start-up companies;


A city based on "lifestyle, wellness  and health".  

Hint: Boulder is also a great place to own Real Estate.

best realtor boulder

Welcome to Boulder, Colorado!  

We're looking forward to showing you around,

to helping you find and connect with your "place" in Boulder,

and to helping you find the ideal home to live your dreams in .


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