By Kasia Rasker

In the past Boulder has won and been in the running for awards such as fittest city, the most innovative city and smartest city in America. Boulder is home to scientists, innovators, highly educated individuals, elite athletes, outdoor enthusiasts and yoga gurus. Many people refer to Boulder residents as “Boulderites”.

What exactly is a “Boulderite”?

  1. One who strives to support local organic farms, food companies and businesses
  2. One who enjoys the outdoor activities more than indoor activities
  3. One who expects at least 300 days of sunshine each year
  4. One who gets up early to train for a marathon or triathlon before work
  5. One who enjoys Kombucha, wheatgrass and ginger shots
  6. One who would much rather go to a locally owned restaurant than a chain restaurant
  7. One who might ask if something is organic, cage-free, gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian when out to eat
  8. One who enjoys exploring the trails (over 145 maintained miles!!) in Boulder County
  9. One who owns at least two bikes
  10. One who doesn’t feel weird walking into a grocery store or a corporate meeting in spandex and a bike helmet
  11. One who carries granola bars, kale chips and trail mix as a daily snack
  12. One who drinks coconut water over other highly processed hydration drinks
  13. One who enjoys sitting and enjoying a delicious cappuccino in one of Boulder’s locally owned coffee shops
  14. One who is mesmerized by the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets in Boulder.
  15. One who enjoys drinking beer from one of the 19 Boulder County microbreweries
  16. One who does not find it abnormal in the winter for the temperature to go from  freezing and snowing at 10:00 a.m., to  sunny and 60 degrees F at 3pm
The Boulderites of Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado