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CU-Boulder researchers to develop energy-saving window film

The Energy Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) has awarded the University of Colorado Boulder $1.8 million to develop an innovative window coating that could significantly improve energy efficiency in buildings. Source: CU News {$excerpt:n}
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CU Traditions: Hiking the Flatirons

The natural beauty of the Flatirons has long been revered, and has become a symbol of Boulder both on post cards and in people’s memories, as well as a symbol of CU itself. Source: CU News {$excerpt:n}
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Rapid, affordable energy transformation possible

The United States could slash greenhouse gas emissions from power production by up to 78 percent below 1990 levels within 15 years while meeting increased demand, according to a new study by NOAA and University of Colorado Boulder researchers. Source: CU News {$excerpt:n}
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