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The MLS search for Colorado provided within this site is pretty cool!

HAPPY in BOULDER MLS home search features:

1) Works best with GOOGLE Chrome.  If running under Safari, make sure COOKIES are turned ON in the privacy settings.

2) The MLS Search data is the freshest data on the market, pulled directly from IRES, the Boulder County's Real Estate database for Professional Real Estate Brokers.

3) The interface to the MLS is simple and intuitive.  It allows you to search for homes intuitively, as if you were driving through your favorite neighborhood looking for homes.

4) MLS MAP SEARCH:  You can search the MLS geographically.  For example, to search a specific neighborhood in Boulder, enter "Boulder" into the city field.  That will result in a map of Boulder showing all of the homes for sale.  From here, try zooming into the map to a specific neighborhood. The list on the right hand side will be a list of homes corresponding to the ones visible on the map.

5) The MLS MAP SEARCH lookup feature within the MLS Search mimics how we typically look for homes while driving/riding around town.  This feature allows you to go to your preferred street or location, and work your MLS search outward, by zooming out with the map.... Or by simply dragging your map around on the screen.

6) You may search the BOULDER MLS by entering your search parameters, such as City, price range, etc.  For the most recent MLS listings, select the "MLS Number 9-1" to see the most recent MLS numbers on the top of the list.

We are constantly searching for better tools to make your home search more efficient and trouble free.  We believe this powerful tool is the best MLS search tool available on the marker for Boulder County.  Happy searching...

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