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Boulder Relocation Guide

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Working in Boulder:  Jobs are very available in the area… the unemployment rate in most months of 2017 was less than 2%. It looks like the unemployment rate for 2018 will be even lower. (In relative terms that is equal to NO unemployment).  Because Boulder has such a variety of core businesses, so many interesting startup companies, business incubators, venture capital investors, as well as many nationally established high-tech companies, many of the jobs that Boulder offers are also very interesting.

Boulder is a great place to start a new company as well, and is the home of venture capital organizations such as The Founders Institute, The Foundry Group, and  The Unreasonable Institute.  Boulder is home to numerous “Think Tanks” and “Startup Incubators”, which facilitate starting a new business venture, through powerful and shared resources and contacts.  Please feel free to give us a call (720-298-8888) if we can help by putting you in contact with the right people, or help steer you in the right direction.  We are connected!

Living in Boulder

Buying a Home:  Now, here lies the challenge.  Boulder is currently still experiencing a shortage of housing inventory.  Yes, inventory is up thirty % when compared to last year, but it remains very low in absolute numbers.  This problem becomes more significant as one looks closer to downtown Boulder.  The good news is that this is the area in which I can help you.  I am familiar with the inventory on the market, and with the inventory that is coming to market soon.  My extensive network of contacts and agents in Boulder will be very valuable in this case, as often homes are put under contract before they hit the MLS (Multi-Listing-Services).

Steps to Buying a Home in Boulder

  1. Loan Pre-Approval: From helping you select a competitive professional lender and getting you through the Loan Pre-Approval process, so that you are ready to place an offer when the right home comes along.  It is also important to start looking at homes that are within your price range.
  2. Learn and explore.  Arn learns, from you, so he can help identify the best part of town to focus on, for the lifestyle you want to live.
  3. Arn Rasker shows you choices, helps you understand the options and the neighborhoods, and helps you find the perfect home.
  4. Positioning your offer:  As your Buyer’s Agent, Arn Rasker will help you position your offer so that it is competitive, fair, and favorable. In this competitive market, your offer’s terms should often be carefully adjusted so that the offer floats to the top of the pile, in a multiple-offer situation.  This process also involves active and clear communication with the Seller(s) and the Seller’s Broker.
  5. Once under contract, Arn’s extensive contacts, resources and knowledge will be valuable for the  appraisal, inspection and due-diligence periods.  Especially when dealing with older homes and mountain properties, having the property inspected, and knowing what to look for, is very important.  Remember, the seller has lived in the home for a long time, and you are offering to buy it with relatively little time to get to know the property.  Arn and his contacts, including professional property inspectors and the lender’s appraisers, will work diligently to help you gain as much knowledge about the property as is possible in a short period of time.  Getting to the closing date successfully includes getting to know and understand the property you are buying, and feeling comfortable that you are making a fair and favorable purchase.
  6. Move into your new home, after a final walkthrough, and begin enjoying the next chapter in your live:  Living in Boulder!


Why is the market so tight in Boulder?

Open space around Boulder, and what this means for the availability and pricing of Real Estate in Boulder:  Basically, the City of Boulder has purchased a significant perimeter of open space around the City.  This has effectively turned Boulder into an Island, surrounded by Open-Space.  As we all know, Island property is usually more expensive than mainland property.  The perimeter of open space, combined with tight building controls and height restrictions, have effectively contributed towards the reduction of supply.

The good news is that Boulder Real-Estate is still a very good value relative to other desirable places to live.  The lifestyle and quality of life that Boulder offers still makes Boulder a great place to relocate to.

Boulder Colorado

Start the relocation process with a search for a home in Boulder, to see what typical homes sell for and what the market looks like.