Nine reasons to relocate to Boulder, Colorado!

Nine Reasons to Relocate to Boulder, Colorado

by Arn Rasker

Reason#1:  Boulder is a great place to work!

Boulder is a great place to live and work.  It is home to many startups and business incubators, is a great source for educated employees and business partners, and has a healthy work-play balance.  The people of Boulder have managed to clearly define their personal values as high priorities, and have managed to create businesses and organizations that center around their values.

Reason#2:  Natural beauty everywhere!

The physical nature is one of the top reasons why people move to Boulder.  But that’s only part of the picture.  Boulder is a place where most of it’s citizens have a strong consciousness and respect towards the nature that attracted them to live in Boulder in the first place.  This sense of responsibility towards Mother Earth has created many businesses, movements, and internationally recognized efforts to protect and preserve our resources, and help create a balance between the different elements in nature. Even the weather is beautiful!

Reason #3:  The people of Boulder!

The people of Boulder, Colorado!  Boulder is a collection of highly educated, highly motivated, ultra creative, and very driven people.  This has created a very contagious positive energy.  Boulder fought hard, back in 1877, to have the first university in Colorado plant its roots in Boulder.  Since then, Boulder has maintained a national reputation for being the most educated city in the country.  The University of Colorado, the National Bureau of Standards, NOA, and many other organizations all continue to have strong impacts on Boulder.  They also provide many educational seminars, special events, lectures, and community enrichment opportunities that the people of Boulder enjoy.

Reason #4:  The food!

The food is terrific!  Boulder has been labelled “The Foodiest City in America”, and for good reason.  For a small city, Boulder has a very high number of outstanding restaurants. The Saturday farmer’s market is outstanding.  To give you an idea how important food is to this city, there are five Whole Food’s in Boulder.  In addition, Safeway and King-Soopers have used Boulder as an introduction platform for organic and fresh foods areas in their new stores.

Reason #5:  Health and wellness!

Health is a high priority in Boulder.   Group bicycle rides have replaced conference room meetings for many,  and hikes on the beautiful trail systems have become standard for many during their lunch hours.  There are more Yoga centers in Boulder than we have time to discuss, and the nearby mountains provide the perfect venue for skiing, biking, hiking, and boating over the weekends.

Reason#6:  Progressive thinking!

As a city, Boulder has been progressive and proactive in preserving a high quality of life.  As early as 1908, the people of Boulder, which at the time had a population of just under 10,000, hired landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted Jr.  (The son of the the famous planner who created Central Park in New York City) to help them create a plan for Boulder.   Since then, the City of Boulder has been on a mission to preserve the elements of Boulder that make it the outstanding city that it is.

Reason #7:  High quality of life!

In contrast to most other cities in America, the quality of life across different income levels is very high.   They all run and bike the same trails, ski the same runs, enjoy the same beautiful city, and enjoy the same great weather.  The high quality of life translates to a common bond.

Reason #8:  Still affordable!

Boulder is still relatively affordable, especially when compared to other desirable cities in the US…  Yes, real estate prices in Boulder are higher than in Denver and some other cities.  However, the prices in Boulder are still very reasonable when compared to almost any city that offers a high quality of life; And those cities will not offer the full package of features and benefits that have put Boulder on the top of our list of favorite places to live.

Reason #9:  Boulder is a happy place!

Boulder is simply:  A happy place to live.  As one impressed visitor recently pointed out:  “Everyone seems to be so happy here.  Even the dogs are happy in Boulder” (Boulder has an extensive network of dog friendly trails and dog parks).  Boulder has earned the “Happiest Place to Live” title by several publications.


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