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Arn Rasker and Kasia Rasker are a father+daughter TEAM within RE/MAX Alliance on Walnut, in Boulder, Colorado.  Arn is a licensed Realtor in Colorado.  Kasia is an unlicensed assistant to Arn Rasker, and a recent graduate of the LEEDS School of Business in Boulder, Colorado.

Arn Rasker is a 40 year resident of Boulder, with extensive experience in engineering, business modeling, architectural design, “integrated design” and “living-systems” design process, high-end custom home construction, and commercial light construction.  Arn has built, and designed, many of Boulder’s outstanding homes.  Arn has a passion for design, quality construction, sustainable design, energy systems, accessibility design, and lifestyle oriented construction.  He spends much of his free time skiing, mountain biking, dirt-biking, and kayaking.


Kasia Rasker was born in Boulder, and as a Boulder native, is connected to “everything Boulder”.  She is a recent graduate of the LEEDS School of Business (University of Colorado), was member of the CU Triathlon Team, is a skier, and a professional triathlete.   She spends most of her free time training and coaching;  Kasia coaches several master’s swim classes, and also teaches swimming to young kids.  She is “driven” and very organized.


Scott Gibbons is a Colorado and Boulder native.  Scott has an interesting and valuable background in Real Estate; Land development in the US, Mexico, and Costa Rica; and twenty six years of commercial and residential development.  Scott’s strength are many, including honed negotiation skills and a practical approach towards problem solving.  His personal interests are family, his four dogs, motorcycles, race cars, and collectable vintage Italian cars.


As a TEAM, we aim to provide a high level of service and personal attention that exceed yours expectations and accomplishes our common goal: 

To help you buy or sell your home in the most painless, productive, and efficient way possible.




About RE/MAX Alliance on Walnut

What makes us the TOP Real Estate Agency in Colorado?

  • Opened in Boulder Colorado in 1984, with a focus on Marketing and a Top Level of Service.
  • Is Colorado’s LARGEST locally owned Real Estate Organization.
  • Has over 115 full-time professional real estate agents in the Boulder Area, with an average of 12 years of experience per agent.
  • International Reach:  Active member of the RE/MAX International referral network composed of over 60,000 professional RE/MAX real estate agents.

HAPPYinBOULDER is part of RE/MAX Alliance on Walnut!  Our TEAM acts as a focus team, and we are fully supported by the REMAX Alliance of Walnut Agency.  The advantages to you are many:

  • REMAX Alliance on Walnut is Boulder’s Power House Agency, despite being one of the smaller “boutique” agencies in town.
  • It is the #1 agency in Boulder, based on annual sales volume of high-end property, with a total annual volume of more than 94 Million dollars  in 2015 ( Total of all properties sold with values over 1.2 Million dollars).
  • In addition, the realtors at REMAX Alliance on Walnut, on an individual performance basis, have outperformed the agents of the competing agencies in Boulder, with an average market share per agent of $6.8 Million in annual sales for 2014.
  • Our focus TEAM, nicknamed the HAPPYinBOULDER” team, is proud to be a member of the RE/MAX Alliance on Walnut team of professionals, and you will also have the advantage of this relationship.

The “HAPPYinBOULDER” Team, at RE/MAX Alliance on Walnut!

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