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Retirement in Boulder Colorado

What does it mean?

To those of us who live in Boulder, what does “RETIRE” mean, and what does it mean to retire in Boulder, Colorado?

Let’s begin by throwing out all of the traditional definitions of “retirement”, which often center on the end of a career. In contrast to the traditional definitions, to those who retire in Boulder, retirement often represents the opening of a new chapter in their lives. Using that analogy, retiring in Boulder is actually more like opening up a whole new book.

Retirement in Boulder, CO

Opening a new book in life does not imply that we can or should forget the other great books, and their many great chapters that we have read, which are so important in defining who we are!

The exiting thing about opening this new book, and living in Boulder Colorado, is that it is the book that we have always wanted to read. Most of us here in Boulder share that one thing in common; we really wanted to open this book. And we have made sacrifices and changes to our lives to get here, and stay here; some earlier than others… but somehow…. we all made it here. And once you have lived here, it is very difficult to leave. Boulder has held on to most of us like a magnet.

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Boulder’s strength comes from the people who live here. Sure, the natural beauty of Boulder, the weather, the mountains, and the clear blue sky all have a lot to do with why the people here are also among the happiest in the country. But its people are its biggest assets.

Colorado University       The university, the athletic, the professional, the entrepreneurial, the intellectual, the creative and the artistic community all work together in Boulder.  The results of this collaborative effort has created some amazing results.

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If retirement means opening up a new great book, then Boulder is a great platform to start your new project on. It is one of the most educated Cities in the country. The energy level here is high, and the creative juices and positive thoughts flow throughout this town. If your idea of retirement is to start a small business, or to finally take time to materialize the social projects you have been wanting to do, or to take care of yourself and reward yourself for the hard work you have done, or to get involved with that special project that will encapsulate all of the experience and knowledge you have acquired over the years, then Boulder is the right place for you.

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The retirement model that we are talking about here is not age-dependent.

It also doesn’t even mean the end of a career. It is about the beginning of a new book, opening new personal horizons, and executing goals that you may have had for quite a while. Retirement in Boulder is about materializing the dreams that you have had for years; about living a life that is centered around healthy eating, taking care of yourself physically, spiritually, and mentally; and about constantly learning and experiencing new things. Boulder is the place where all of the elements for your next book come together.


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Boulder is the ideal place to call “home”…. and we are ready to help you live in Boulder as soon as possible. We are here to help you find the right home, put you in touch with the right people, introduce you to the many things to see and do in Boulder, match you to those things that interest you, and much more.

Our goal is to help you far beyond your real estate needs.

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