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Associate Broker and Realtor

RE/MAX Alliance on Walnut

Boulder, Colorado

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About Arn Rasker:

 Arn Rasker is an Associate Broker and Realtor, with RE/MAX Alliance on Walnut, a boutique real estate agency with International reach, specializing in Boulder’s select properties.

Arn’s experience in home design, engineering, and construction gives him a different perspective than most professionals in this business. He recognizes, understands, and appreciates details that matter.  He recognizes the well-done and well-though-out details that go into a high quality and well-built home.

–  Arn brings value to every real estate transaction that he is involved with.

A quality home is much more than a beautiful structure. It must be comfortable and satisfying for you, and for the way you live. This means that, in order to find you the right home for you, Arn will have to get to know you and understand your goals and passions. His approach is to try to learn as much as he can about you and how you want to live, so that he can introduce you to the right properties early in the process.

Arn knows the Boulder and close-in mountain market, and will negotiate on your behalf with your best interests in mind. Arn’s business background and negotiating skills allow him to effectively look out for you.

 Arn also loves Boulder! Arn moved to Boulder in 1975, to study Mechanical Engineering and Business at CU, and has lived here since. Arn has unsuccessfully tried to leave Boulder three times (Mexico City, New York, and Vancouver), but came back each time for the same reason: Boulder is a great place to live!

 Arn understands the Boulder Real Estate Market, and will negotiate on your behalf with your best interests in mind. Arn’s business background and negotiating skills allow him to effectively look out for you and your best interests.

– Whether you are buying or selling a home/property, you’ll want Arn to be working for you! Arn will be the one who, upon waking-up every morning, will be strategizing how to get your property sold or how to find the right home for you.

Arn will get the job done!… in an efficient and professional way, with minimal inconvenience to you.  Arn’s specialty is creating thinking, clearing road blocks, solving problems, and making the transaction easy on you.

Arn communicates very well, throughout the transaction process. Arn answers phone calls and written communications promptly, informs you on each step of the way, and keeps a solid documentation trail for every transaction. Arn is available!

Arn has lived in Boulder for 40 years, and know it inside and out. Finding the right home for you is about much more than finding the right house. It is also about finding the right neighborhood, area, and environment for the way you want to live. Your social, personal, work, sports, spiritual, hobby, food, and cultural interests are all examples of important considerations in finding you the right home.

 Arn knows there are many Realtors in Boulder that you can choose from, and he will be honored if you select him to help you buy or sell your home.

remax walnut

Arn Rasker

Associate Broker and Realtor

RE/MAX Alliance on Walnut

Boulder, Colorado

(720) 298-8888


As a seller, Arn can help you in the preparation of your home, before you put it on the market.  In the efficient sale of your home, timing and preparation are critical to success. Arn’s experience in design and construction, his understanding of building systems, his connections to the best craftspeople in the industry, and his understanding of the market will make me a valuable member of your team.

As a buyer, Arn can help you position yourself as “prepared” to successfully purchase your dream home in this difficult market.  When supply is limited, with available homes selling very quickly, it is more important than ever to be prepared.  Let Arn help you make your offer stand-out above the others!  And let him help you sort through the available homes in this market, to help you find the right one for you.

Arn’s extensive experience as a builder, his understanding of quality construction, his knowledge of what to look for, his understanding of the local market, and his relationships with the City of Boulder and local building professionals, will all be very valuable to you during your search for your dream home.


Boulder is not the easiest place to build or remodel in:

Boulder has an eclectic composition of architectural styles and build qualities, which come accompanied with an extensive set of building rules and regulations imposed by the City of Boulder and Boulder County. Let Arn help you answer the questions that you might have, so that you can make the right purchasing decision.


 Arn’s Professional experiences include:

(1998-Oct 2014): President of ReNove Construction, Inc.  A Boulder based construction company specializing in Design-Build Commercial and Residential Projects.   Arn served as the lead construction manager and designer of high-end custom homes in Boulder, Colorado.  When Arn helps you find that ideal home, you will benefit from his extensive experience in all of the aspects of home ownership, design, engineering,  and construction in Boulder,… as well as his general knowledge of Boulder.

(2011-2015): Various pro-bono environmental protection and sustainable development/planning projects in Mexico; Most recent project: Helped develop a master plan and financial model for a 9000+ acre sustainable development project based on a “Living Systems” approach, in the area knowns as Cabo Pulmo, Baja California del Sur.

(1985-1999): President and founder of Centrum Business Systems, Inc:  A manufacturer of industrial and commercial ruggedized computer hardware, and AutoCentrum, a nationally distributed business management software product for the automotive service industry.

(1982-1985): Co-Founder of Autobahn Society of Boulder: A specialty auto dealership specializing in exotic, performance, and collectible automobiles.  Arn was involved in all aspects of this exotic car business, including many hours of driving the inventory to make sure they were up to his standards.  He also developed the engineering documentation for the conversion of European model cars to US DOT standards.

(1980-1982): Dietrich Standard: Mechanical/Applications Engineer: Territory-  Europe, in the field of fluid dynamics.  Arn graduated from Colorado University with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering, and a minor in Business Administration.

For fun, Arn has climbed many of the tallest mountains in Europe and North America, and has ridden my bicycle extensively through Europe, Mexico, Canada, and the US.  Arn enjoyes most water sports, including swimming, scuba, sailing, water skiing, and kayaking.  He loves driving, riding road bikes, mountain bikes, dirt bikes, and all types of motorcycles.


Languages with native proficiency:  ENGLISH, SPANISH, and DUTCH.

Countries that I have lived in: Canada, Netherlands, Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain, and USA.



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