Kasia Rasker is a recent graduate from the LEEDS School of Business, at the University of Colorado in Boulder.  She is passionate about all sports, but especially Triathlon, Judo, Skiing, Water Skiing, and Mountain Biking.  She coaches several swim clubs and masters swim classes.  Her energy levels are quite a bit higher than that of most people.  Her professionalism and dedication are of the highest caliber.  She is currently an assistant to her father, Arn Rasker, but is working through her Real Estate Licensing requirements.  She will soon also be a Licensed Realtor in Boulder Colorado.

Once you have lived here, it is very difficult to leave.  Kasia was born in Boulder Colorado.  Like many of us who live here, she attempted to leave Boulder when she moved up to the beautiful City of Vancouver, British Columbia, to attend the University of British Columbia.  As with many of us who have tried to leave Boulder, her love for Boulder and it’s lifestyle has brought her back to Boulder.  Lucky for Boulder!


Kasia is currently studying to become a licensed Realtor in Boulder.  Feel free to call ask Kasia for any information you might have questions on regarding Boulder in general, life in Boulder, and sports in Boulder.  She holds a wealth of valuable information.


Kasia Rasker is on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

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