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Boulder is generally still a SELLER’s MARKET, with a short inventory supply (A supply that averages less than 60 days on the market), in the sub-$1.5M market.  Above the $2.0M market the market shifts a bit towards a Buyer’s market, with homes often selling slightly (or more) below the asking price. Understanding the inventory on the market (And the sub-markets) well is key towards negotiating a good buy, if your buying.  If your selling, understanding the market and preparing and pricing your home right the first time is critically important.  The first couple of weeks on the market will define your success, and pricing and preparing the home are very important steps towards a successful transaction.

A “Top” Realtor is often thought to have the highest sales in terms of dollar volume.  This however, is only interesting to you if that same Top Realtor is one who is looking out for YOU, and is not simply focused on racking up sales figures.  Arn is a professional Realtor with a very strong and broad background.  Arn knows the Boulder County market, has extensive contracting, design, and engineering background in Commercial and High-End Residential construction. Arn has honed negotiation skills. Put Arn’s knowledge and skills to work for you!

If you are a buyer in the current Boulder market, a great Realtor should not only know the local Boulder housing market inside and out, but will be able to position your offer so that it rises to the top of the pile of offers, which a seller might receive in today’s aggressive market. Simply finding a good home is not enough in the competitive market we currently live in.

Similarly, if you’re selling your home, your Realtor must help you prepare the home so that you will maximize your returns, help you price the home properly (Very important), as well as help you navigate through the offers to find the one that is best for you and your particular situation. Arn will help you determine which of the offers will have the highest propensity to make it to the closing table.

You’ll want Arn Rasker on your team! Arn will prepare you for a competitive market situation, and he will help you get to the closing table in a smooth and professional way.  Arn has over 40 years of living in Boulder, and having been involved with design, engineering, development, construction, and buying/selling of real estate in Boulder.

Teaming-up with a professional and highly responsive mortgage team member is also very important, and Arn will help you by matching you to a mortgage broker that fits your needs.  Arn builds teams that are custom tailored to every transaction, to include banks, mortgage specialists, inspectors, architects, contractors, engineers, etc.

Give Arn a call and talk to him personally!  You won’t regret it.

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