What does Retire in Boulder mean?

What does “Retire in Boulder” mean?

Let’s start by throwing out the typical definition of retirement, which usually is centered around the end of a career. And since we are not associating it with the end of a career, we can also dissociate the concept from age stereotypes.

“Retiring” to Boulder is really more about the conscious understanding and acceptance that we are ready to embark on a new adventure, and we want this adventure to take place in Boulder.

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We like to think about retirement as the beginning of a new chapter in our lives….maybe even the beginning of a new book. And, if starting a new chapter is your goal, Boulder, Colorado is the ideal place to start.

When you live in Boulder Colorado, you’ll be surrounded with natural beauty, but that’s only what’s on the surface. You’ll also be in the company of very interesting, motivated, and inspiring people.